Setup auto deployment

We're using Deployer for auto deployment. This dependency is already setup in your composer.json.


Edit hosts.yml to match your git repository and application name.

The keys testing and prod are server names. Either configure your ssh servers (~/.ssh/config) to match the names or rename the keys to your server(s). E.g. replace prod with Of course, you will still need to configure ssh for

Example ~/.ssh/config snippet if you keep testing and prod:

Host testing
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_staging_ciffreo_uberspace_de

Host prod
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_website_scotti_uberspace_de

If you are using an Uberspace, uncomment the following part of your deploy.php file. It is required as a work around for caching problems on the Uberspace.

task('uberspace:reload', function() {
   run('uberspace tools restart php');
after('cleanup', 'uberspace:reload');

Run the auto deployment

First, set up your server.

Then run vendor/bin/dep deploy {server-name}, and replace {server-name} by one of your configured servers.

E.g. run vendor/bin/dep deploy prod if you haven't changed the name of it in hosts.yml.

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